A former television and newspaper journalist, Michael Burton has written for several daily newspapers, including The Huntsville (Alabama) Times, The Paris (Texas) News, The Amarillo Globe-News, The Lubbock Avalanche Journal and the Austin American-Statesman. He has freelanced for wire services, magazines, and online publications. In addition to health care clients, he has written promotional copy for retail firms.


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"John Henry Faulk: The Making of a Liberated Mind is an outstanding biography that will bring you laughter, regret,

and plenty to think about." 

--Dan Rather

"A good look at a very brilliant and funny man, a man who had a Will Rogers-way of expressing himself, and a man who had the courage to actually test blacklisting. John Henry Faulk was a hero."

--Rob Reiner

" A well-crafted biography that sheds light on the paramount event in John Henry's life -- the ruin of his career by Senator Joseph McCarthy and the UnAmerican Activities Committee. That Faulk survived with his legendary sense of humor intact, affirms the stature of the man."

--James Michener

"Persecuted by the blacklist in the dark period of his country's anti-communist hysteria, Faulk fought back, and heroically helped defeat the bigots who sought to stifle America's most precious heritage, the right of free press, speech, and worship. His story is one for the books, and this one is highly recommended."

--Walter Cronkite